Georgia Limits

Freshwater and Trout – Freshwater Game Fish Daily Limits

It is unlawful to take in one day or to possess at any one time, except at a residence or commercial storage facility, more than the daily creel limit for each species.  It is unlawful to possess more than a total of 50 individuals of all the game fish listed in this section, except channel and flathead catfish.

Once the daily creel limit for a particular species is taken, it is unlawful to continue to fish for that species.

Exception:  Daily limits differ on certain waters shared by Georgia and South Carolina (see Agreements with Bordering States).

See special creel limits on Public Fishing Areas.

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    • Bass…..10Largemouth, Redeye (Coosa), Shoal, Smallmouth, Spotted, and/or Suwanee bass
    • Bream (see exception)…..50Flier, Spotted sunfish (stumpknockers), Rockbass (goggleye), Shadow bass, Redbreast, Redear, Bluegill, and/or Warmouth
    • Catfish…..No LimitChannel and/or Flathead
    • Crappie…..30Black and/or White
    • Pickerel…..15Chain, Grass and/or Redfin
    • Sauger…..8
    • Shad…..8American and/or Hickory
    • Striped bass, White bass and/or Hybrid striped-white bass (see note & exceptions)…..15 (only two can be 22 inches or longer)
    • Trout (see exception)…..8Brook, Rainbow, and/or Brown trout
    • Walleye (see exception)…..8

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Bream: see South Carolina in Agreements with Bordering States.

Striped bass, White bass and/or Hybrid striped-white bass:

    • Limit taken from the North Newport River; Medway River including Mount Hope Creek; Little Ogeechee River; Ogeechee River; Oconee River downstream of Georgia Highway 22 in Milledgeville; Ocmulgee River downstream of the Georgia Highway 96 bridge between Houston & Twiggs counties; Altamaha River, St. Marys River, Satilla River; and the tributaries to these river sections; and from saltwater is a two (2) fish limit, both must be 22 inches in length or longer.
  • There is no length limit for Striped bass, White bass, and Hybrid sriped-white bass taken from the waters covered in the Agreement with South Carolina (see South Carolina under Agreements with Bordering States).

Trout:  See Amicalola Creek, Chattahoochee River, Smithgall Woods, Smith Creek, and Waters Creek under Trout Fishing Regulations/Special Trout Streams Regulations.

Walleye: Limit on Blue Ridge Reservoir is 15.

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